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BioSAFE Engineering's patented WR2Alkaline Hydrolysis process destroys biologic (animal tissue and carcasses) and pathologic waste, and as a non-burn technology produces no pollution to air, land or water. The Alkaline Hydrolysis process is undertaken in Tissue Digestors which are manufactured in a range of sizes, from small 10 lb (5 kg) capacity units to 10000 lb (4500 kg) capacity units and larger.

BioSAFE Engineering also manufactures STI Medical Waste Destruction Systems.. This waste treatment is designed specifically for the safe treatment of medical waste but can also be applied to material like contaminated animal bedding. The waste is shredded and the steam injection heat treatment achieves high level disinfection (6 log10 reduction). The process produces a safe confetti-like end-product ready for disposal to landfill.

BioSAFE Engineering has adapted its proprietary WR2 Alkaline Hydrolysis technology to the development of the Effluent Decontamination System (EDS), capable of sterilizing liquid effluent from biocontainment facilities before discharge to sewer. These systems can be sized for any facility from a single laboratory room to a large laboratory facility.

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