Tissue Digestion - Technical Information

> Composition of Mammals
> Digestion of Radioiodine Labeled Tissues
> Efficacy Testing Results
> Formaldehyde Destruction
> Prion Destruction
> The Effect on Plant and Animal Tissues
> Water Usage


Reports of water consumption analysis are summarized below. Maximum volume of hydrolysate produced in each model is shown in the table below. In normal operation, hydrolysate is diluted approximately 1:1 with coflush, cooling, and rinse water.


*This chart provides data only for maximum loads processed. Hydrolysate produced is a function of the amount of tissue being processed. For example, a model 100-48-32 processing 375 pounds of tissue (½ capacity) would generate ½ the amount of coflush water and cooling water. Cooling water (which is approximately 25% of total water used) can be saved in an optional tank to be reused as processing water for the next cycle.

Additional Notes:
Cooling water may be captured for reuse in the next cycle (requires additional equipment) Gray water may be used for all aspects of the process