Tissue Digestor™ - Product Improvements

WR2 routinely develops and implements product enhancements and improvements for the Tissue Digestor™ product line. We ask you to return frequently as new innovations are being added on a regular basis. Please contact WR2 for product improvement inquiries: Toll Free: 888-858-8099

Improved Agitation
WR2 introduces a new compound spinning agitation system for units 48 inches in diameter and larger that is designed to circulate material in the bottom of the basket during the digestion cycle. The result is a more complete digestion as previously protected tissue is now exposed to a direct spray from the spinning rotors. The new agitation system improves digestion efficiency, allowing a reduction in initial alkali concentration. This reduction in alkali minimizes the processing cost and gives a lower final effluent pH.


Faster Heating and Cooling
WR2 introduces live steam injection to the WR2 Tissue Digestor™ for units 48 inches in diameter and larger. This dramatically speeds the heating process where time is of the essence. The new process consumes the steam condensate into the product. WR2 is excited to introduce coil heating to the WR2 Tissue Digestor™ for units 72 inches in diameter and larger. This feature provides faster and more efficient heating and cooling while preserving condensate to be returned to the boiler.


Pass Through Tissue Digestors™ for Bio-containment
WR2 has just completed two large pass-through Tissue Digestors™ for use in bio-containment facilities (BSL-3 and 4). The animals are loaded in containment and the residues are removed out of containment. These cutting-edge Digestors are available in vertical or horizontal configurations and in many different forms that can be customized to any bio-containment application. Horizontal units can also double as gas chambers and/or prevac steam sterilizers. Large units can handle effluents, large animal bedding, and carcasses all in one processor.


Energy Reduction
WR2 presents cooling water recovery tanks for Tissue Digestor™ units 48 inches in diameter and larger. The recovery tanks save heated water from the cooling process and use it for rinse and fill water, resulting in considerable water conservation and energy savings.

Improved pH Control
WR2 now offers a pH reduction system that incorporates a small amount of hydrogen peroxide for odor control and uses CO2 injection to lower effluent pH. We are thrilled to announce that the system is available on all new Tissue Digestor™ models and is available as a retrofit for existing units. This enhancement is ideal in meeting regulatory requirements of effluent pH below 10.5.

Improved Pump Seal Life
WR2 offers new improved pump barrier systems that result in longer pump seal life. These barrier systems are standard on all of our new high pressure units and are available as an upgrade on existing units. WR2 has an ongoing pump testing and development program which has produced unique pumps for bio-containment applications including magnetically driven, open impeller, sealed designs for use with high solids content waste materials for bio-containment applications.

User Friendly Upgrades
Now standard on all WR2 Tissue Digestor™ systems is an improved easy-to-use basket door. Also standard are improved basket rests and basket emptying hardware. The basket door is a draw bridge style with a solid facing. This allows the basket to be emptied from over the Digestor, eliminating clean-up, and saving floor space.

WR2 has upgraded to easy-to-use Siemens controls on all applicable product lines. This upgrade allows WR2 to monitor your system parameters and make program changes from the Indianapolis headquarters, allowing the customer to receive immediate assistance.