Tissue Digestor™ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the WR2 process been used for tissue digestion?
The WR2 Process was developed in 1992. The company was incorporated in 1993. The first full-scale Tissue Digestor was installed in October of 1993 and is still in service today.

What size Tissue Digestors™ are available?
Tissue Digestor systems are available from 11 lb (5kg) capacity up to, and beyond 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) capacity. BioSAFE Engineering has many versatile applications using the WR2 patented technology process to suit the needs of any modern lab.

How long does it take to digest a full load of animal tissue?
The actual exposure time to the high temperature alkali is only 3 hours. The tissue rapidly digests during that period. However, you must also consider the time it takes to load the vessel, fill with water and chemical, heat to maximum temperature, cool to a safe discharge temperature, and the time it takes to unload. A total process time may be 5 to 8 hours depending on the size of the Tissue Digestor™ unit and the quality of the steam provided to the unit. BioSAFE Engineering has developed new and innovative ways to speed this total process.

How do I know if my facility has the proper utility and space requirements for a Tissue Digestor™ system?
BioSAFE Engineering has a full staff of engineers dedicated to answering these questions for you and providing you with conceptual drawings and solutions. If you would like to see the system in your facility, just let us know.

How do I maintain the Tissue Digestor™ once it is installed?
BioSAFE Engineering provides detailed operator and maintenance training to your staff after each installation. In addition, we offer service contracts for routine maintenance as well as a customer service staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our engineers are able to monitor your Tissue Digestor™ and make program changes from our Indianapolis headquarters so that you receive immediate attention.

Can BioSAFE Engineering project manage the delivery, installation, and commissioning of my Tissue Digestor™?
Yes.BioSAFE Engineering uses the latest software and project management philosophies to assist our customers in the smooth running of each project from the initial site visits and site preparation, to the equipment installation and commissioning.

How can I validate my WR2 Tissue Digestor™?
The BioSAFE Engineering/WR2 Tissue Digestor™ has multiple validation methods with a range of benefits. Temperature and time parametric validation data is recorded and stored automatically by the system PLC. In addition, our systems have built-in sample ports to allow for the safe collection of treated effluent for further analysis.

Do you offer service contracts?
Yes.BioSAFE Engineering offers a range of service contracts to suit customer needs.