Tissue Digestor™ - Cost Calculator

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Enter values of variables to use for the calculation

What is the maximum capacity required?
(Enter the largest load you expect to run in lbs.)
What will be the average load run? (in lbs)    lbs
What is the cost of water per gallon? (in $/gal) $ /gal
Cooling water may be captured for reuse in the next cycle (requires additional equipment).
Grey water may be used for all aspects of the process.
Estimated Alkali cost per pound. ($/lb)
(Formula assumes alkali used is KOH 45/55% solution.)
$ /lb
Technical grade KOH 45/55% solution cost varies depending on quantity bought at once. One vendor listed price variation from $0.0725/lb to$0.30/lb.
Electricity cost per KWH (in $/KWH) $ /KWH  
Steam cost per pound of 70 psi steam. ($/lb) $ /lb  
Sewer cost ($/gal) $ /gal  
Landfill cost ($/ton) $ /ton  
Amount per Cycle Cost per Cycle 
Electricity (based on system size)
(assumes weight of 45/55% KOH solution needed is 23% of tissue weight)
House Steam (estimated high)
Water Usage (with hot rinse)
Solid waste produced per cycle
(bone remnants, moist)
Sewage Effluent Volume  
(Click check box if not using rinse cycle)
Operating Cost per Cycle
Operating Cost per Pound