Tissue Digestion - 4000 lb Capacity Mobile


  • Fully Automated Siemens touch screen controller with off-site diagnostics capability monitored by WR2 engineers.
  • Ideal for all animals including large horses, cows, most zoo animals, pathologic waste, and anatomic waste.
  • Ideal for remote and isolated disposals or multiple facility use.
4000lb capacity mobile
Weight capacity
4000 lb (1814 kg)
Operating temperature
300˚F (149˚C)
Vessel diameter x height
84” diameter x 52” height
Dry Weight / Operating Weight
79900 lb / 154000 lb
Standard Configuration
Hydraulic lift and manual latch lid (optional hydraulic latch)
Generator Fuel
Diesel or Propane
Trailer Specifications
36’ double drop trailer (40’ x 16’ in place including outriggers)
Crand and Outriggers
HIAB model 125-1 w/ outriggers
Steam Supply 4,000 lbs. per hr @ 125 psi (Diesel or Propane)
Electric Power On-board generator system (Diesel or Propane)
Cycle control
6-8 hours (loading, heat-up, exposure, rinsing, and unloading)
Estimated Undiluted Hydrolysate Volume 1250 gallons (assumes full load)
Recommended Utilities
  • Fuel Tank: 750 gallon minimum or larger propane tanks
Water Supply: ½” minimum to fill tank

  • Effluent Transfer Tank, Mobile: 3,750 gallons
  • Truck: Diesel Tractor
  • On-board Water and Effluent Tanks
  • Effluent tank truck
  • Remote personnel facility
  • Hazmat clothing and shower
  • Custom safety applications
  • Service Contract