Tissue Digestion - 10000 lb Capacity


  • Fully Automated Siemens touch screen controller with off-site diagnostics capability monitored by WR2 engineers.
  • Ideal for all animals including large horses, cows, most zoo animals, pathologic waste, and anatomic waste.
  • Ideal for veterinary schools, large pharmaceutical companies, large research centers, BSL 3 or 4 facilities, university and medical school facilities, colleges of agriculture, and government agencies.
10000lb capacity
Weight capacity
10000 lb (4536 kg)
Operating temperature
300ËšF (149ËšC)
Vessel diameter x height
96” diameter x 100” height
Dry Weight / Operating Weight
34000 lb / 59000 lb
Standard Configuration
Hydraulic lift and manual latch lid (optional hydraulic latch)
Minimum Room Dimensions
16’ x 20’ (plus room for supporting tanks)
Minimum Room Height
Actual Machine Footprint
Layout dependant
Cycle control
8 hours (loading, heat-up, exposure, rinsing, and unloading)
Estimated Undiluted Hydrolysate Volume 3150 gallons (assumes full load)
Recommended Utilities
  • Drain: 2” to 6”
  • Water Supply: 40-60psig 1.5” NPT line or larger
  • Steam: 10000lbs/cycle @ 100psi (Intake ¾” NPT)

  • Electric: 480/60HZ/3Ø, 30 amps, w/disconnect within 6’ of rear center line. Other supplies available
  • Phone: Standard 4 wire analog with call access
  • Condensate return: Optional, 1” NPT male fitting
  • BSL 3, 3ag, or 4 vent kit
  • Drain vent kit for indoor installation
  • Extra basket
  • Basket dolly (may be motorized)
  • Electric steam generator (100kW)
  • CO2 pH neutralization system
  • Crane system
  • Installation connection kit
  • Pit installation
  • Service Contract