Tissue Digestion by Alkaline Hydrolysis

BioSAFE Engineering provides patented WR2 alkaline hydrolysis Tissue Digestors™ and support products for treatment and disposal of anatomic and pathologic waste generated in healthcare and medical and veterinary education; animal tissue and carcasses from biomedical and pharmaceutical research facilities; and government research and diagnostic faciilties worldwide.

EU Approved
The BioSAFE / WR2 Tissue Digestor™ system effectively and reliably destroys infectious animal carcasses and inactivates prions. This technology was written into European Law as a method of disposing of Mad Cow Disease animal waste and all other categories of animal by-product wastes and is used successfully worldwide.
Genuine Alternative to Incineration
A non-burn technology that repeatedly achieves guaranteed digestion of tissue, producing only a sterile solution.  A fully automated GE Fanuc or optional Siemens Controls incorporates remote diagnostics and archive capability. The BioSAFE / WR2 Tissue Digestion Process is no longer just an alternative to incineration; it is the industry standard for environmental safety!