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Environmentally Responsible Technologies
BioSAFE Engineering utilizes non-burn technology that significantly reduces atmospheric pollution and with our alkaline hydrolysis tissue digestion process we produce a digestate liquid suitable as fertilizer or as a feed in Bio-gas and Bio-diesel waste recycling applications.

Bio-containment to protect future generations
Micro-organisms always have been a real danger to mankind and with the advent of bio-terrorism and more rapid global infection transmission, effective bio-containment is crucial to our personal security. BioSAFE Engineering is committed to supplying “at-source” rapid response solutions to limit transmission.

Product improvements
BioSAFE Engineering routinely develops and implements product enhancements and improvements for its products including Tissue Digestors, Effluent Decontamination Systems, and STI Medical Waste Treatment Systems. We ask you to return to this section frequently as new innovations are being added on a regular basis.

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Our patented and EU approved High Temperature Alkaline Hydrolysis process enables you to safely sterilize and dispose of animal carcass material of any size and category at whatever location is convenient to you. We supply a range of Tissue Digestor units from as small as 11 pound capacity up to thousands of pounds as required. The BioSAFE's WR2 Tissue Digestor truly is a Bio-responsible alternative to incineration. > Find out more
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Medical waste incineration systems are progressively being replaced by environmentally friendly non-burn technologies. Using shredding and steam disinfection, you are now able to reduce your medical waste volume up to 90%. After the treatment process the waste is non-recognizable as medical waste and is safe and ready for landfill disposal. We provide a standard range of continuous flow units from 300 pounds per hour capacity up to 4,000 pounds per hour capacity. > Find out more

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The Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) safely treats bio-hazardous effluent from laboratory and pharmaceutical production facilities which require bio-decontamination before discharge to the sewer. The EDS has the patented capability to add alkali where appropriate if prion contamination is an issue. Markets include BSL-3 and 4 bio-containment research laboratories and pharmaceutical vaccine production. > Find out more

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Water Resolution is the application of Alkaline Hydrolysis to human cadavers to produce a pure ash bone shadow.  It is an accelerated version of the natural process of hydrolysis driven decomposition after burial.> Find out more