STI Medical Waste Treatment Process

Regulated Medical Waste, Infectious Waste/ Clinical Waste (including animal bedding), Import Waste, and HIPPA documentation is loaded into the system in bags, boxes, sharps containers, trace carts, or is automatically fed by a cart dumper.
Air is drawn from around the feed hopper area through HEPA filters, to capture potential airborne pathogens that could be released during the waste dumping and shredding process.

Containerized waste drops into a heavy duty shredder.

Shredded waste enters the steam auger chamber where low pressure steam is injected through multiple ports immediately bringing all material to proper treatment conditions.
The distal portion of the STI System steam jacket provides continued heating of the waste, which drives off water vapor absorbed by the direct injection steam treatment function.
The Low Pressure Flash-Off Chamber allows moisture to vent to the atmosphere. The residue exits the end of the conveyor (auger) into a compactor and may be disposed of as municipal waste.

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The STI System addresses every one of these issues:

The STI Medical Waste System incorporates a steam jacketed waste dehydration feature, prior to discharge which drives off water vapor absorbed by the direct steam treatment injection function. Combining these features with heavy duty construction and superior components creates a system that has a long life with a low operating and maintenance cost profile.