Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) - Introduction

WR2 is the world’s leading developer of non-incineration technology for the safe, efficient, and environmentally compatible elimination of hazardous, biological, and biohazardous waste materials.

The STI Medical Waste Treatment System is a continuous-feed steam destruction system for biohazardous waste including Regulated Medical Waste, infectious waste, clinical waste, import waste, and HIPPA document destruction. The STI System is durable enough to withstand continuous commercial operation and is versatile enough for even the smallest hospital applications. Employing an environmentally safe process, the STI System residue is a dry, confetti-like product that is safe and classified as municipal waste that is ready for landfill disposal.

Regulated Medical Waste filled carts are rolled into a cart dumper, the door is closed, and the operator presses the LOAD button. The waste is automatically loaded into a hopper above the heavy duty shredders. There is a patented option to spray the waste with a very small amount of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and water mixture as it is being shredded in order to reduce any odors that may exist. The shredded waste enters the auger where low-pressure steam is applied through a system of multiple injection ports. The time spent in the auger is approximately 60 minutes and during this time the waste is heated and maintained at a temperature of 205˚F-240˚F. The latter part of the auger process dries the waste for discharge into a compactor or other container as a confetti-like material. The system incorporates negative air pressure and HEPA filtration to eliminate the escape of airborne pathogens. Regular quality assurance/validation can easily be carried out utilizing our spore testing ports located beneath the shredder.