Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS)

Today there is an increased development of Bio-Safety Level 3 and 4 laboratories and other bio-containment facilities to research agents that might be used in bio-terrorism or for vaccination research and production related to highly pathogenic microorganisms. To develop responses to such agents, there is an increased need to protect the public from the agents used in the laboratories, and to that end, all liquid effluent from such facilities should be sterilized before being released to a sanitary sewer. The WR2 Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) will sterilize all liquid effluent from these facilities. The WR2 EDS can be sized for any facility, from a single under-the-sink laboratory unit to a large several thousand gallon multi-user facility unit.

Designed and Built by Experts in Bio-Safety Systems
Anyone can build a kill tank system, but it takes expert knowledge and experience to meet and exceed regulatory, bio-safety, and reliability requirements. WR2 delivers agreed expectations with confidence.
Built-in Component Duplication/Redundancy
When it comes to Bio-Safety Level 3 and 4, our EDS design leaves nothing to chance. Tanks, HEPA filters, pumps, level sensors, and all other components have been duplexed and redundancy is applied where applicable.