Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) -
Large Capacity EDS

large capacity

  • Suitable for treating waste effluent from BSL-3 and 4 laboratory sinks, showers, floor drains, etc. These systems may be sized to receive all drain effluent from any size facility.
  • Incorporates unique design features to eliminate cold spots, maximize solids handling capability and ensure containment integrity.
  • Fully Automated Siemens touch screen controller with off-site diagnostics capability monitored by WR2 engineers. This system operates 24/7 without manual intervention or supervision.
  • Please contact WR2 for more information. These systems are available in many different sizes and configurations.
Large Capacity EDS
3 tank continuous batch process
Standard configuration
Systems are custom sized to suit facility needs. WR2 has installed systems to handle more than 40,000 gallons of effluent per day.
Operating temperature
270˚F (132˚C)
Actual machine footprint
Varies with size and configuration
Treatment cycle One hour exposure time before drain
Recommended utilities Drain:Varies with size and configuration
Water Supply:Varies with size and configuration
Steam: 100psi
Electric: 480/60HZ/3Ø, or equivalent
Vent:Double HEPA provided with system
Communication:Local Area Network Connection
  • Collection/Feed Tank
  • Heat exchanger/sparger for enhanced cooling
  • Chopper/grinder pump for solids handling
  • TSE (Prion) destruction by Alkaline Hydrolysis
  • Inlet solids collection basket
  • Service Contract