Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) -
Product Improvements

WR2 routinely develops and implements product enhancements and improvements for the Effluent Decontamination System product line.

We ask you to return frequently as new innovations are being added on a regular basis. Please contact WR2 for product improvement inquiries: Toll Free: 888-858-8099

Improved Safety
WR2 introduces leak detection with automatic pump isolation for all EDS units. This is now standard on all new EDS units that use a pump, and is available as an upgrade for existing units. If a pump leaks, automated ball valves in front of and behind the pump automatically close to prevent a spill. This allows immediate decontamination, clean-up, and repair of the pump. The leak is completely contained within an enclosure.

WR2 has introduced a virus rated Pall Filter System for all new EDS units. This provides absolute protection from vent discharge. The Pall Filters are heated to 250˚F to ensure that they remain sterile and dry at all times.

WR2 has become the best-in-class regarding safety alarming, notification, and response with the introduction of the WR2 ranked alarm matrices. These alarm matrices are subject to a continuous improvement program and updates are implemented in all systems in the field automatically.

WR2 has innovated barrier fluid systems for use with pump equipped units that feature heated barrier fluid to eliminate any potential of contamination to the barrier fluid.

Improved Heating and Cooling
WR2 introduces coil heating for EDS vessels. Our research has revealed that not only do the vessels heat and cool faster via more efficient coils, but the vessel life expectancy is dramatically improved and corrosion resistance is increased. Coils are easy and inexpensive to replace further reducing the cost of long-term ownership.