Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) -
Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Guaranteed Sterilization WR2 guarantees sterilization of all waste effluent originating from high bio-containment areas. This guarantee is carried out with our normal process parameters of 270˚F (132˚F) exposure for one hour.
Unattended Operation The WR2 EDS requires no manual operation or supervision. The process is fully automated via integrated Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers. The systems are designed to be user friendly with the use of Siemens touch screens and an industry-leading alarm matrix.
Fail Safe Operation Each EDS is programmed specifically for the facility it is serving. There are many variables that must be considered in EDS design, and BSL-3 and 4 environments are no area for compromise. WR2 engineers and bio-safety experts will provide you with the optimal setup for safe and reliable operation.
TSE (Prion) Containment WR2 offers patented Alkaline Hydrolysis technology for the destruction of TSE (Prion) contaminated effluent. WR2 is the only company that is able to offer this crucial technology. The EDS is able to operate as a standard unit until you prompt the controls to treat for TSE effluent.
Reliable Operation 24/7 A three tank continuous-batch design provides the inherent safety of batch processing, yet still meets the 24/7 demand of modern bio-containment facilities. The unit continues to be fully operational even during routine and emergency maintenance of the system.
Total Redundancy


WR2 EDS are purposely oversized to allow for normal, full capacity operation using only two of the three processing tanks. The benefit is total redundancy and prevention of downtime even during periods of routine and emergency maintenance.
Quality Assurance and Validation


The WR2 EDS offers multiple quality assurance measures to provide simple and reliable validation. These measures include specialized sample ports allowing for safe and simple collection of treatment effluent, spore test ports that allow for microbial validation of the system, and temperature/time data recording (parametric validation) as standard features on our system. This data can be automatically transferred to the user’s computer systems via a Local Area Network (LAN).
Unparalleled Bio-Safety and Containmnet Barrier Integrity


The WR2 EDS offers redundant temperature, pressure, and level sensors on each vessel and incorporates an alarm matrix and backup sensors in the event that there is a sensor failure. The units also feature double HEPA filtration on vented air, as well as cold spot and stratification elimination through a combination of design, valve positioning, and aggressive agitation via a recirculation pump as well as innovative heating techniques. A barrier fluid system with leak detection protects and lubricates pump seals while ensuring that any seal failure does not result in a containment breach.
Solids Handling


The WR2 EDS has the capability to handle solids such as grit, sand, straw, and feces with the use of built-in perforated solids collection baskets, the use of a chopper/grinder pump, and/or aggressive agitation to prevent sedimentation.