Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) -

60 gallon

  • Suitable for treating waste effluent from BSL-3 and 4 laboratory sinks, showers, floor drains etc
  • Incorporates unique design features to eliminate cold spots, maximize solids handling capability and ensure containment integrity.
  • Fully automated control system operates 24/7 without manual intervention or supervision.
100-EDS-50 EDS
Receiving tank capacity
120 gallons
Processing tank capacity 60 gallons
Operating temperature
270˚F (132˚C)
Standard configuration
One receiving tank over one processing tank
Actual machine footprint
9’2” x 3’2” (Call for more information)
Treatment cycle
One hour exposure time before drain
  • Electric steam generator (100kW)
  • Installation connection kit
  • Service Contract
  • TSE (Prion) destruction by Alkaline Hydrolysis