About Us - Our Profile

Since 1993, the WR2 patented process has methodically earned and acquired the critical assets to enable global success for biohazardous waste processing systems and technologies now marketed, designed, manufactured, and serviced by BioSAFE Engineering.

These are:

BioSAFE Engineering is headquartered in Brownsburg (Indianapolis), Indiana and currently has an expert staff dedicated to developing systems and manufacturing equipment to totally eliminate anatomic and pathologic waste, biological tissues, and animal carcasses.

Our customer base includes the leading pharmaceutical, educational, government, agricultural, veterinary and medical, and commercial waste processing facilities and institutions in North America, and a healthy penetration of these entities abroad.

At BioSAFE Engineering, we pride ourselves on our reputable standard of excellence through our unwavering commitment to customer service, our solid work ethic, and our talented staff. Our success is a direct result of the dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism of our employees, who consistently seek to provide innovative, high-quality results with every project.

A Commitment to a Cleaner, Safer World
BioSAFE Engineering and the WR2 patented processes were established out of a desire to build systems that would be better for the environment and safer to operate in fulfilling its mission to protect human and animal health and safety.

A Dedication to Quality
 BioSAFE Engineering’s dedication to quality is evident in our systems and the processes we implement as well as the high levels of satisfaction that our customers experience. We have units operating worldwide, which further exemplifies the continued commitment to quality that we embrace in all of our projects.

A Culture of Inspiration
With a corporate environment that promotes the generation of ideas, transforming performance, and embracing continuous improvement, our diverse team of engineers, administrative, and manufacturing personnel are challenged to be the best. We offer an environment of professionalism, integrity, and mutual respect.