About Us - How We Work

BioSAFE Engineering does not want to create just customers, we want long term partners.

A partnership with BioSAFE Engineering is defined as an intimate understanding of the requirements of each party and maintaining an open and candid dialogue, delivering on promises. A successful partnership should always be a win-win situation.

Our overall approach to business is “Consultative”. We hire and train technically astute individuals with seasoned industry experience and excellent interpersonal skills. They are asked to concentrate on the customer's application needs and on finding the best and most cost effective integrated holistic solution to meet their needs.

Once BioSAFE Engineering is engaged in a project, we are very determined and hands-on at every stage. This is from the inquiry, initial discussions, system engineering and design, sales, project management, site survey, to the delivery and installation, commissioning, training and customer service support.BioSAFE Engineering is committed to meeting our customer’s needs and ensuring that all bio-safety facility needs are met.

A Project Management focus is fundamental to BioSAFE Engineering and project scheduling is pivotal to ensuring control of the project deadlines and budgets as well as an effective communication tool for our partners at the various stages of development and manufacturing. Regularly scheduled discussions and review of the project plan ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises on the project.