About Us - History

WR2 Inc.

The WR2 alkaline hydrolysis process was developed in 1992. The company was incorporated in 1993. The first full-scale Tissue Digestor™ was installed in October, 1993 and is still in service today. WR˛ equipment is currently installed in medical and veterinary research and education centers, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary diagnostic facilities, and government research facilities in the U.S., Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Singapore and the U.K.

Within the European community Initial efforts in the first few years were focused on getting our unique patented WR² tissue digestion technology approved within the Animal By-Products regulations with a 100% prion destruction claim. It took several trials and detailed investigation by the European Scientific Committee and EU approval was granted in January, 2005. The first Alkaline Hydrolysis unit was installed in Europe at the new Backweston Veterinary Laboratory facility near Dublin, Ireland in mid-2005.

BioSAFE Engineering, LLC

In 2007 BioSAFE Engineering acquired the assets of WR². The WR² trademark refers to the Intellectual Property/WR²/STI patents related to Water Resolution and Reduction and Medical Waste Management.