About Us

BioSAFE Engineering, LLC is the world’s leading biohazardous waste processing systems company.

It is our mission at BioSAFE Engineering to protect human and animal health and safety, and the environment, by developing the world’s best non-incineration systems for safe and efficient elimination of biological, biohazardous, and hazardous waste materials.

BioSAFE Engineering, as proprietor of the WR² non-burn patented technology, is internationally recognized for environmentally responsible and respectful disposition of animal carcasses and tissues, human cadavers, anatomic, pathologic and medical waste, and many toxic wastes.

BioSAFE Engineering provides non-incineration technology for destruction and sterilization of bio-hazardous wastes, including, but not limited to, hospital infectious waste, laboratory waste, surgical waste, sharps, liquids, and animal bedding utilizing its STI Systems technology.

What is Bio-responsible™?
BioSAFE Engineering is bio-responsible by developing, manufacturing, and supporting responsible, reliable, and cost-effective means of controlling, processing, and eliminating biohazardous materials. Currently, we have 3 bio-waste system product lines: