A Cleaner, Safer World

BioSAFE Engineering, LLC provides unique non-incineration, environmentally responsible solutions for treatment and disposal of medical and biologic (animal and human tissues & carcasses) wastes and for decontamination of liquid effluent wastes from bio-containment facilities. 

Environmentally Responsible Technologies
BioSAFE Engineering uses its proprietary WR2 non-burn patented technology that significantly reduces atmospheric pollution. With this alkaline hydrolysis tissue digestion process we hydrolyze all biologic material, reducing all of the organic components to a sterile solution that is suitable for release to the sanitary sewer system with no risk of infecting humans or damage to the environment. WR2 effluent is also suitable as fertilizer or as a feed in Biogas and Biodiesel waste recycling applications.
min2 Bio-containment to protect future generations
Micro-organisms have always been a real danger to mankind and with the advent of bioterrorism and more rapid means of global infection transmission, effective bio-containment is critical to our personal security. BioSAFE/WR2 bio-responsible systems, technologies, and services are making a difference.

Mass Disposal Tissue Digestor Systems
BioSAFE/WR2 designs mobile mass Tissue Digestor ™ brand of digester disposal systems for disaster relief. These systems are available in multiple configurations and capacities up to 1.5 million lbs per day and are the safest way to dispose of extremely large quantities of carcasses, including all TSE infected tissue. Please contact BioSAFE Engineering for more information.



High bio-safety kill tank system
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Non-incineraton alternative
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EU approved animal carcass non-incineration alternative
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Mortuary / Funeral Alternative
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